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It's All About Friends - The Doggie Bag Pet Boutique

Some may remember Lucky Puppy's early days. Doing nail shortenings in The Doggie Bag's parking lot. We are so grateful for The Doggie Bag's support then and now. 

For the past several years Lucky Puppy Certified Nail Technicians have been proudly shortening pups nails, at The Doggie Bag, on Thursdays and on the 1st Saturdays of the month. We have treasured our business relationship and friendships with The Doggie Bag and will continue to share in their mission to communicate the importance of good, healthy, high quality dog foods and treats. 


As we open our new shop, just down the road from The Doggie Bag, we hope that many of you will continue to visit them before or after your pets nail shortenings!


Visit The Doggie Bag Today! 

Your Pet's Nutrition Is Their Mission!


The Doggie Bag Boutique of Lakeland
1745 E. Edgewood Drive
Lake Bentley Plaza
Lakeland, Florida 33803

Phone: 863-683-6220
Email: doggiebagboutique@yahoo.com

The Doggie Bag's Hours
Monday thru Friday
10am to 6pm
9am to 4p