At Lucky Puppy we pride ourselves in providing the best care for your pet that we possibly can.

  • Our proprietary Comfort System was created to provide safe and secure handling, during nail care services.

  • Our custom Shortening System was designed to make the nail shortening process more efficient, with reduced anxiety and less discomfort.

  • Lucky Puppy's technicians are selected and trained based on their compassion, handling abilities, and their ability to master the nail shortening process.

Handling Techniques Designed to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Special Care is always provided for Senior Pets and Pets with Special Needs


Lucky Puppy Comfort System

  • State-of-the-art Hammock in multiple sizes

  • Patented No-Bite Guards

  • Lucky Puppy's Custom Modified Table & Hoop


Lucky Puppy Shortening & Smoothing Systems

  • Shortening Tools

  • Shaping & Smoothing Tools